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How to Unlock the Story Mode?


Pixel Car Racer, retro style designed car racing game, featuring with RPG sandbox experience, is one of the fun-loving game on the mobile platform. Features of this game are:

·         Dyno Tuning

·         RPG Style tuning

·         Game modes- Drag and Street

·         Beautiful Pixel art graphics

·         Active community through social media

·         Burnouts

·         Realistic Engine System

·         Garage with collection of hundred+ cars of different brands and models

·         Design for car enthusiastic world wide

·         Availability of 1000+ car parks and 100+ car liveries

·         Manual gear shifting

·         Face book login

Primary Game Modes:

There are two primary game modes which you can use. Drag Racing and Street Racing.

In drag mode is a straight path driving, which is simple and straight forward. In street mode you have to change the lanes and avoid your opponent car to hit you, this calls for practice.

In CTF (Capture the flag) mode, the speed of your car must be at consistent level so that you can hold the flag as long as you could.

Pixel Car Racer Hack and Cheats:

In this game you will need to have enough funds in order to purchase new car or upgrade your existing car. When you receive statistical points, you can earn more experience and more cash.

To purchase a new car, you can view the list of available cars in the dealership which are ranked for your convenience. The power, speed, weight, grip of the car determines how could the car is. You can fill your garage with limitless cars of your choice. I personally recommend buying the best and most versatile cars you can afford. You also have the option of to swap car’s engine,if you own a less powerful car. While racing, use your Nitrous, to boost the power of the car.

You must follow the above steps in order to cross the difficult levels of the game such as beginner level, amateur level and expert level.

You have the option to use Pixel Car Racer Hack and Cheats. Generate unlimited free diamonds and crates in the game. This hack tool works on every device and you can get easily what you want in the game this hack tool helps you in various ways throughout the game. The added in built anti-ban system automatically protects in from being recognize that you used the Hack Tool.

How to unlock the story mode?

There are different car modes available in Pixel Car Racer and these modes are associated with various factors.You must use your playing skills to succeed every mode of the game. How toUnlock the story mode, is a big question? It is said that the developers of this game are still working on it. So, nothing is revealed about the unlock of the story mode. All the players are eagerly waiting to unlock the story mode. So, we can expect to see a story mode in a future update.

Highly recommendedgame on mobile platform, Pixel Car Racer is the game of fun and pleasure.

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